General Home Extensions


Ever have the feeling that you never seem to have enough space?  I bet in the beginning when you first bought your house it seemed ‘BIG’ with oodles of space, but by the time you’ve actually live in it long enough for the house to feel like home, all that additional space has become a distant memory.  Has that empty, clear floor space miraculously disappeared?  Are once empty storage areas now filled with all the odds and ends of daily life?  Have the kids taken over the house?  Lets face it, kids absorb space like it’s going out of fashion!!

So what’s the solution? Well the obvious answer is to move: find a new, bigger house, one with more bedrooms, bigger rooms, and maybe even a bigger garage.  Only problem there is most people will require another huge mortgage to pay for it all, not to mention the problem of selling your house in the first place, stamp duty levies and all of the other hidden and semi-hidden fees and charges that have a habit of mounting up. Mmmm doesn’t sound like such a good idea now.

Thankfully, there is another option. One that doesn’t involve taking out yet another massive mortgage; leaving the area that you’re used to; or dealing with the logistical headache of packing everything up, finding a removal company that you trust and then unpacking everything in a new place. This option is to let Access Builders & Loft Conversions LTD build you an extension.

Building an extension has a number of strong advantages over moving home by:

  • limiting your participation in a volatile and unpredictable housing market.
  • avoiding involvement in negotiating a mortgage in a post Britext world.
  • side steps the inconvenience of having to pack your entire life away for the duration of a move.
  • Allowing total flexibility to extend outwards, upwards or even downwards with a basement conversion.

An extension is a clear way to get all the advantages of a bigger property without the pitfalls of having to move home with the end product being a new space tailored to your needs – the choice is yours, but the difficult question is ‘which type to choose’?

Access Builders specilaise in building all types of extensions. Before embarking on your building project, it is useful to have a think about what type of extension would fit into your space or your living requirements. If you are unsure as to what type of extension to have, Access Builders will visit your property and talk through what options are available.

Here is a small selection of the types of extensions you could opt for:

Side return extension

A side return extension stretches your home sideways onto a path or driveway at the side of your house.  This is often a relatively small extension but it can have a great impact on the look and feel of additional space within your property.

Wrap-around extension

This is a side return extension combined with a rear extension.  The wrap around extension can provide maximum space and dramatically alter the feeling and shape of your home.  These types of extensions are ideal for extending kitchen, utility and dining areas

Rear Extensions

As the name suggests, rear extensions extend out from the back of your property and are typically carried out on properties where there is no side return option or on detached properties, enhancing your quality of life by seamlessly extending your home to add that extra needed living space in a style to complement you home.

Double-Storey Extensions

Two storey extensions obviously cost more than the other varieties as the building work would need to be completed on two levels so there is double the expenditure, but don’t forget, you gain double the space providing a bigger downstairs reception area and an extra upstairs master bedroom with en-suite or study area for the kids.

Whatever type of extension you decide on, get in touch with Access Builders and Loft Conversions LTD for more information on how to enhance your quality of life by seamlessly extending your home to make your dream of space a reality.