How To Create Additional Space In your Loft Conversion

One of the biggest motivations for undertaking a loft conversion is to have more space.  Many people, especially those with families, feel they have ‘out-grown’ their house.  The obvious option is to move but this can be expensive and easier said than done!!

If you do decide to take the plunge and convert your loft, you want to make sure you are making the most of the space available.

As loft specialists with many years of experience, we have complied some handy tips for space saving ideas that you can use in your Lancashire loft conversion.

Awkward spaces left under the eaves?  Why not fill them with fitted furniture.  Fitted wardrobes like the ones pictured below, make great storage, and can be utilized to store any number of things, from clothes, shoes and accessories, to children’s toys.  Modern wardrobes are now equipped with clever storage solutions making it easier to keep track of all your stuff.  Nothing like a tidy, well organized area!!


Each loft conversion if different and the finished article can often leave difficult and quirky spaces, so in some cases you might need to have some costumed furniture made.  There are so many ingenious ways of using up difficult spaces.  For example, why not have a set of bespoke draws made and fitted into the roof space of the loft conversion as featured in the image below.  This great suggestion offers abundant additional storage while saving valuable floor space at the same time.


Another wonderful way to incorporate space under a dormer window is to create window seats.  A built-in window seat gives a bedroom a cosy feel and creates a handy ‘chill out’ space or reading nook.

Custom made en-suites and bathroom suites are always a great way to utilize the space you have regardless of how big or small the space is that you have available.  If you have an awkward space, you could use a nook to put a shower in or if your space is really limited and you don’t have enough square footage to accommodate a bathroom, then you could install a wet room instead.

On the other hand, positioning a bath under a sloping ceiling can also be an efficient way to use what would otherwise be ‘dead space’.  The idea with small spaces is to use the area efficiently.  Small spaces have the tendency to be on the dark side, so why not install a roof light which will flood the area with natural light, while creating the illusion of space and adding that ‘wow’ factor at the same time.


Unfortunately, loft conversions are far from conventional, most have unusual shapes with plenty of nooks and crannies, but a little imagination can go along way.  By using these awkward spaces for built-in shelving not only provides that much needed extra storage, but can also be a design statement as well.

Installing cupboards, as well as shelving allows the space to be used for storing children’s books or family photos.  If you have the necessary DIY skills, it is possible to make such shelving yourself or you could employ an experienced carpenter.  Why not ask Access Builders to add this to your quotation.  By taking advantage of installing shelving into small recesses can offer that much-needed storage.  For example as the image below shows, taking advantage of a large recess area by the side of the bed offers a great place to keep books, keepsakes and those all important family pictures.


If you are thinking of having a loft conversion, why not give Access Builders a call on – you wont be disappointed.